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7 For All Mankind are widely known as the jeans that changed the world of denim.

What was once reserved as a casual work pant to get dirty, and what originated as a durable uniform, evolved into a fashion statement that became a staple of American culture. Jeans were for the Average Joe because they were an affordable necessity to have in the closet. It was 7 For All Mankind that took jeans and elevated them into a luxury item worn by celebrities.

Their name refers to the belief that every person should own at least seven pairs of jeans, one for every day of the week. If you have seven pairs of ‘Sevens’ in your closet, you’re pretty lucky.

By using higher quality materials and tailoring their jeans to have a less stiff, softer and more comfortable fit, 7 for All Mankind has revolutionized denim, bringing a premium product to everyone.

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