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Adria Bertucci

Adria Bertucci


Hailing from Prince George, BC, Adria’s journey into the beauty and fashion industry started with a foundation in Fine Art, later transitioning to becoming a licensed esthetician. Her innate desire to be part of the beauty and fashion industry, working closely with people, led her to our team at espy.

For Adria, fashion is not just clothing; it’s an art form. The creativity and personal expression of fashion resonates with her deeply. Designers and clients inspire her to continually explore new horizons in the world of fashion.

Addition Elle played a pivotal role in Adria’s fashion journey. Immersed in the plus-sized fashion community for many years, it was a transformative experience. The lack of diversity and availability for plus-sized women became apparent, igniting Adria’s commitment to change. At espy, she believes in a community actively challenging industry norms, creating a space where everyone belongs.

Adria’s journey took a significant turn when she switched from esthetics to the fashion world. Now, she revels in the newfound personal expression that comes with her role as a stylist. The genuine and meaningful connections with clients remain but in a different, equally rewarding way.

For Adria, each day is an opportunity to help others express themselves through fashion, breaking down barriers and demonstrating that fashion truly is for everyone. Working on a team of unique individuals, from all walks of life, is a source of joy for her.

Step into espy, and you might just catch Adria flaunting her distinctive style. Whether it’s her collection of unique Fluevog shoes, wide-legged trousers, or her beloved pleated skirts, Adria’s personal style is a testament to her love for the diverse and eclectic world of fashion.

Through every client she works with, Adria aims to instill a sense of confidence and style. Her message is clear: Fashion knows no bounds, and she’s here to help everyone discover and celebrate their unique style.

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