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Amy Hamilton

Amy Hamilton


Amy's journey in the world of creativity and design began in Regina, Saskatchewan, where she was born. Growing up in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Amy's passion for the arts led her to explore various cities across Canada, including Vancouver, Jasper, Lethbridge, Montreal, and now Calgary.

With a foundation in Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Amy's artistic pursuits evolved as she delved into the realm of fashion. She earned a certificate in Fashion Design and Merchandising from Lethbridge Community College, followed by a diploma in Fashion Design from College LaSalle in Montreal. Not one to limit her skills, Amy further expanded her expertise with a diploma in video game design from Interdec College.

Amy's professional journey reflects her versatility and dedication. Starting in retail as a sales associate, she climbed the ranks to become a store manager. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to create her own small women's fashion line, showcasing her creative vision for two collections. Amy then transitioned into the world of catering, where she mastered a variety of roles, from serving and cooking to event organization and team leadership.

Her diverse experiences continued as she ventured into agriculture, working in a rooftop greenhouse as a harvester and team leader. This journey eventually brought her to Calgary, where she spent a year at an indoor farm before joining espy.

Returning to the fashion industry after a hiatus, Amy brings a wealth of skills and a keen attention to detail to her role as a tailor at espy. Her passion lies in making clients feel extraordinary in their clothing, and she finds joy in learning new skills in alterations.

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