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Suneet Brar

Suneet Brar


Suneet is a colourful, creative stylist with an eye for beauty. Her impressive background in fashion design doesn’t go unnoticed at espy. Having attended the Pearl Academy of Fashion in New Delhi she has experienced design firsthand. A dustbin inspired her first collection, she was able to see the beauty of the colourful junk wrappers and empty containers and turn them into something incredible. Following this, she had her own clothing line with her identical twin sister Puneet, SP Square. Their first show only had 20 pieces and sold out of their unique and beautifully designed garments with many special orders to come. The line was very successful but Suneet decided to join her husband in Calgary in 2011.

Suneet is one of espy’s longest-serving team members. Each day she demonstrates undying compassion and positivity to everyone on the espy team and those who walk through the doors. Her knowledge and expertise in fashion make her easy to work with, you can trust that she knows what she’s talking about when she gets you into anything.

Her personal style is best described as classy and feminine with an edge, she can pair beautifully designed garments, dressy shoes and distressed denim with ease. You’ll also notice she loves leopard print and bold colours. She is not afraid to try new things and is a master of getting others into clothes they’d never pick out themselves.

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