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Paisley & Gray is the fashion story behind 2 brothers who have lead different lives but share one wardrobe. One is a consultant and has to pack a suitcase and travel at the drop of a hat and the other is a young lawyer who has to suit up by day then meet up with his friends for happy hour after work.

Designed in New York City Paisley & Gray’s belief is that a man’s wardrobe must be made of pieces that are as original as he is and can keep up with their lifestyles and reflect their personalities.

Born of the notion that no two men are alike, Paisley & Gray aims to make men feel more confident to express who they are from head to toe, inside and out. Many items are designed to be mixed and matched so they can be worn in multiple combinations to allow a greater sense of self-expression. It’s time that men had fun with their wardrobe and that is our mission at Paisley & Gray!

The collection is known for its tailored fit, bold colours and striking patterns. If you take time to look deeper, you will find special personalized details such as coordinated pocket trims and coloured interior piping or fun under collar pops and contrast button details.

Inspiration for every collection is drawn from simply living life and Paisley & Gray's daily experiences. It may be walking down a city street, a random subway experience, a blooming flower, a street performer, a passing cab, a construction site or a beautiful colourful image. These inspirations and a deeply passionate desire to create something fresh and different. This leads to special pieces that stand out in what often feels like a sea of melancholy men’s fashion.

Paisley & Gray is fresh and fun, creative and quirky and perfect for today’s modern man, whether he is a teen approaching prom or an older man with a unique sense of style, Paisley & Gray offers the wearer an air of confidence and you will turn heads anywhere from the most formal event to the morning commute.

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