GG Blue


GG Blue crafts luxe, high-quality sportswear by women, for women. It uses durable, quality fabrics that keep you on the course.

GG Blue aims to empower women with activewear that makes them feel at the top of their game. They believe that curating designs is the art of finding garments that serve both function and fashion. They want women to look and feel good in their clothes. This is why GG Blue invests in cutting-edge fabrics and materials for their properties from moisture-wicking to sun protection. Many of their tops offer protection of SPF 35-50 to prevent sunburns and skin damage.
Some of GG Blue's garments can cool skin temperature up to 5 degrees. Others are antimicrobial and antibacterial. The beauty of GG Blue is that they understand all women are different. They don’t just offer one cut, one style, or one fit but offer a variety in inventory that lets you truly be you out on the golf course. 
GG Blue celebrates the women who design, create, and wear the GG Blue brand.
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