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Easy Mondays Crewneck Short-Sleeve Tee
Easy Mondays
Crewneck Short-Sleeve Tee
Pre-shrunk casual short-sleeve t-shirt made out of a cotton/lycra blend.

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The inspiration for Easy Mondays came from our own hobby - The New York Times crossword. Taking time to solve it is our small daily ritual. The thing we do every morning is to take some time for ourselves before the demands of the day kick in.

Anyone who shares our love for these things knows that the New York Times crossword gets harder every day. Sunday crosswords were the unsolvable kind. The kind you’d spend hours on and go nowhere. As much as we loved them, they never felt good. Mondays, well those were the easiest. They hit that sweet spot between challenging and doable, just enough to get you flowing. You knew your day would get off to a great start after solving one of these. Naturally, we’re Monday crossword types.

At Easy Mondays, we’re natural problem solvers. We want to make clothes that feel as comfortable and as satisfying as that Monday crossword. We spend a lot of time thinking about the fabric, fits, and details that go into each piece. Our clothes are thoughtfully designed, so you don’t have to give them another thought. You just know that they’ll feel good.

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