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Dagg & Stacey


Founded in 2001, Dagg and Stacey had a clear vision at its start; to make clothing that is a subtle balance of enduring, effortless style, quality craftsmanship, and femininity.

Based in Toronto, Dagg and Stacey began by producing limited-run collections primarily made from recycled materials and vintage fabrics. This process honed their skills resulting in an idiosyncratic approach to design and pattern drafting that the label has become known for.

Dagg and Stacey launched their full women’s collection in Spring 2003. Often influenced by traditional bespoke tailoring, theirs are clothes to wear, treasure, and come to be irreplaceable.

The company designs and manufactures its line exclusively in Toronto in collaboration with local independent tradespeople to the highest standard of construction. Dagg & Stacey seek out quality fabrics and take a socially and environmentally conscious approach to fashion.

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