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Toyooka has long been known as the "City of Bags." Rooted in function and form, the City of Bags began earning its affectionate name in the 15th century with its indispensable production of the Kohri, a wicker basket used in everyday life.  In the 19th century, a revolutionary strap and handle were added to the basket, effectively turning it into a kohri Kaban-wicker bag.

Believe it or not, this is how Artphere would eventually come to be. Beginning a tradition of its own Yuri Co. Ltd, a family-operated bag manufacturer, has produced a bag or suitcase for world-renown name brands, you have either owned or coveted. Keiichiro Yuri inherited the desire to have a global impact and would go on to create a brand of his own, that would "breathe beauty into function." Yuri, an artist in his own right, had an idea for a bag specifically designed to fit a sketchbook and paintbrushes. He then designed the concept, produced it and began filling a need for the artists that were travelling to Toyooka to capture the rich landscape.

Artphere believes their products transcend time and have a beauty to move the soul. These are bags that you are glad to have met; bags that bring passion and joy into your life. It has been stated that Artphere is the premier bag collection for the individualist. No other bag moulds to personal style quite like these. With over 50 years of master craftsmanship and a deep sense of conviction for unique expression, Artphere has perfected the art of fusing beauty with function.

With supreme Japanese quality and design, this exquisite collection features the functional beauty appealing to the heart of every style seeker. Yuri has created a bold masterpiece through Artphere, with a collection of beautifully crafted bags connected to a story, shaped by time itself. 

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