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Masi Movahed

Masi Movahed


Masi’s career journey has taken her all around the globe, shaping her into the passionate and dynamic fashion stylist she is today. As a child, she lived in Japan, then returned to Iran as a teen, where she later pursued a bachelor’s degree in software engineering at Yazd University.

Life took an exciting turn when Masi moved to Dubai. Married and living there for eight years, Masi worked as a software engineer. However, the confines of an office and solitary computer work left her unfulfilled. She longed for human connection and interaction, a desire that fueled her decision to make a significant life change.

In 2017, Masi brought her vibrant energy and dreams to Canada. A mother of a delightful 9-year-old son, she embarked on a journey to turn her passion for fashion into a career. Armed with a degree in Fashion and Apparel Design from Olds College, Masi left software engineering to pursue her true calling.

Being a petite woman herself, Masi understands the struggle of finding clothes that flatter her body. Her personal experience ignited a deep-seated passion for styling and the transformative power of fashion. Masi dedicated herself to learning the art of dressing for confidence and happiness.

Before joining the espy team, Masi honed her styling skills working as a personal stylist, costumer, and collaborator alongside local designers. For Masi, happiness is at the core of her work philosophy. She firmly believes that to make others happy, she must first find joy and fulfillment in her own work. This perspective drives her to bring positivity and enthusiasm to her role as a fashion stylist at espy. Masi takes pride in helping clients discover clothes that not only fit but make them feel their absolute best.

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