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Andrea Ruiz-Pineda

Andrea Ruiz-Pineda

If you’ve ever walked past our store on 9th Ave, you’ve probably stopped to stare at the eye-catching window displays designed and made by Andrea!

Whether she’s styling clients or dreaming up new displays, Andrea is always looking for ways to enhance your shopping experience.

Originally from Venezuela, Andrea started her career working in the hotel industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit and creativity drove her to switch careers and study Fashion Design, which led to the start of her own clothing and home goods brand.

When she moved to Canada, Andrea got a diploma in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising to build upon her passion for fashion and communication.

Her eye for detail and design led her to espy, where she loves working with clients to help them look and feel incredible, all while sharing a splash of her Latin American roots.

In her spare time, Andrea works on her sustainable fashion brand Andi & Rachel Studios, where she designs clothing and accessories inspired by Latin American fashion using upcycled fabrics and materials. You’ll always find her wearing unique pieces that she designed and made herself!