IZIPIZI Reading Glasses Style #E

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Pronounced: /ee:.zee:.pee:.zee/

Reading glasses for presbyopia. Shape E is round, timeless and IZIPIZI's best-selling shape.

Rubber texture, flexible arms and designer frames: comfort and style guaranteed.

Reading glasses - Shape #E: for large, structured, trapezium faces- Unisex.



Details & Specs

In (mm)



  • Flexible and comfortable arms, with spring hinges, which adapt to all face shapes and sizes.


About the Brand

Established in 2010, IZIPIZI set out to bring a "smile" to the millions of people with presbyopia. This long and exciting journey has led them to become a major player in eyewear for the whole family.

Their desire to improve users' eyesight is becoming more and more widespread. With a unique approach to style, they offer our loyal customers new shapes and new functionalities every season.

IZIPIZI believes in continuous improvement and its ability to influence and gradually change the eyewear market.

Colourful collections with no limit to your personal taste, IZIPIZI features the classics reinvented. Designed to fit for reading and for the screens. For the sun and just for fun. 

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